Aug Trading Battle Launched!
Battle it out with other lead traders & copy traders to win up to $15,000 USDT in rewards
TraderWagon Launches August Trading Battle! Both Lead & Copy Traders can Join!
As soon as the battle starts, lead traders can run portfolios to create the highest PNL, while copy traders can analyse and strategically copy the participating portfolios to find the one with the best PNL!
💰Total Prize Pool: $15,000 USDT
📆 Battle Period: 8 Aug 00:00 UTC - 17 Aug 23:59 UTC (10 days)
To Join The Battle:
  • Register Here Now 👉🏻 Link (Both Lead & Copy Traders Must Register to Join)
After registration, lead traders can rank in the top 10 portfolios during the Battle period and copy traders can copy the top 10 participating portfolios to share the $15,000 USDT in Prizes!
Portfolios that joined the Aug Trading Battle is updated daily here ⬇️
Prize Distribution Explained ⤵️
Bonus Prize: App Trading Bonus 🔥
To celebrate our App V1.2 Upgrade, we will also have a $1,000 USDT Lucky Draw for 100 new lead trader who binds with App
  1. 1.
    Lead traders must sign in to the latest TraderWagon app
  2. 2.
    Make > 1 trade through TraderWagon App to qualify
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