Shout out your name list to earn over 10,000 USDT!

Nominate your name list and refer traders to TraderWagon! Self nomination is also welcome! Shout their names out loud to earn over 10,000 USDT!!
📅Activity Opt-in Period: 2022/08/31 00:00 UTC - 2022/09/30 23:59 UTC
📅Portfolio performance competing period: 2022/08/31 00:00 UTC - 2022/10/14 23:59 UTC

Shout Out & Earn 12,400 USDT:

1️⃣Fill in this form
2️⃣Shout out their names in the channel below with #LTNomination
  • Any TraderWagon Telegram channels []
  • Quote tweet the activity post [Link]
e.g. #LTNomination I shout out for <Name>


  • Up to $1,000 Shout Out Prize: 👉🏻Nominate more new lead traders and meet the contact criterion to double your chance to share the $1,000! 👉🏻100 winners will be selected based on the information provided.
  • Up to $1,000 Onboarding Bonus: 👉🏻Refer and onboard lead traders to TraderWagon via your referral code, and those new registered lead traders should have at least 1 portfolio with 14 days(14D) runtime and more than 1 trade during the activity period. 👉🏻To appreciate your nomination, based on the trading volume ranking of those portfolios, the inviters of the top 50 portfolios will share $1,000!
  • Up to $10,400 Outstanding-Performance Bonus: 👉🏻The better your nominated lead trader performs, the more you’ll earn 👉🏻The bonus will be provided on portfolio-basis. A portfolio can get the track 1 and track 2 bonus at the same time if it meets the corresponding criteria. 👉🏻In addition, TraderWagon will celebrate with those outstanding-performed lead traders via different channels(e.g. Telegram, live broadcast)
🔹Track 1 Achievement - Portfolio Performance 👉🏻Top 50 portfolios for each portfolio level will be selected based on the performance ranking, in total 150 portfolios will be selected and the relevant inviters will be rewarded.
🔹Track 2 Achievement - Copy Trader Amount 👉🏻The inviters of the lead trader whose portfolio is fully copied will be rewarded, first 30 fully copied portfolios will be selected based on FCFS.


A portfolio created on 10/09/2022 achieves 120% in 14D ROI and 120 copy traders. Assume that there are 48 portfolios meeting the 14D copy trader amount at that time. Then the inviter can get $60($30+$30) from outstanding-performance bonus.


  • This activity only applies to lead traders who never traded on TraderWagon before.
  • Multiple prizes are allowed for each inviters.
  • Onboarding lead traders must have at least 1 portfolio with 14 days runtime and more than 1 trade during the activity period to qualify.
  • It counts if the portfolio opens during the activity period.
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