How to Use TraderWagon's Copy Trading Mini Program on Binance?

How to Start Your Copy Trading Journey With TraderWagon Mini Program on Binance?

Follow the Steps to Start Trading Now!
Step 1: Go to Binance homepage & drag it down to see Binance Marketplace. Click on the tab “TraderWagon - Social Trading” to enter copy trading.
Step 2: Browse lead trader portfolios to find the portfolio you want to invest in.
Step 3: Sign up with Binance & set up your TraderWagon password to continue your investment.
Step 4: Once the setup is complete, you can
  • Make & Manage Your Copy Trades
  • Check Your Wallet Balance
  • Browse Portfolio Details
Directly On TraderWagon Copy Trading Mini Program on Binance🎉
Note that if you’d like to set up your own trading portfolios in the mini app, you can follow the guide below to become a lead trader, and create your own portfolios to be featured in the copy trading mini app!
Binance App Version that supports Mini App:
  • Android 2.46.0
  • Android 2.45.0
  • Android 2.44.0
  • IOS 2.46.0
  • IOS 2.45.0
  • IOS 2.44.0
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