Copy Rules for low leverage copy

Copy Trader can use low leverage to copy the portfolio, when you enable the function, the rule for copying as below:
  • You can select from 1-10x, the default leverage is 10x;
  • You are unable to adjust the leverage once it's confirmed;
  • When lead trader use a higher leverage to open the position, system will use your selected leverage to open position, if the lead trader use a lower leverage to open the position, your position will be opened with the same leverage;
  • Copy position will be opened according to the margin percentage, when lead trader use 10% margin balance to open the position, system will use the same percentage of your margin to open the position, the lower leverage you selected, the position value will be smaller.
  • This option is available for new copied portfolio, if you copied a portfolio before the function released, your leverage will still be the same as lead trader's.