Lead Trader FAQ

How to become a Lead Trader?

Anyone can apply as a Lead Trader. Simply click on the “Be a Lead Trader” option and submit your application via the TW registration page. After which, the TW team will review each individual application on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please visit:

What are the benefits of being a Lead Trader?

Lead Traders could earn 10% profits as well as 10% commission from the Copy Traders. For instance, if a Copy Trader makes an accumulated profit of $1,000, the Lead Trader could earn $100. This is also known as profit sharing.
Additionally, a Lead Trader can become a crypto trading influencer and gain industry-wide recognition for your trading expertise. As a crypto influencer, you create a community of like-minded traders. All of your followers usually have a common interest in your trading strategy or technique in which you create content. You not only create this community but even engage with it regularly.

What is the requirement to create a portfolio?

Lead Traders must deposit a minimum of USDT 500 or an equivalent value of crypto assets per portfolio and once portfolios are created. Each Lead Trader is only allowed to create a maximum of six portfolios concurrently.
There would be a list of available contracts that Lead traders can trade to create copy-portfolios.

How are my funds secured on the TW platform?

Users’ funds will be safely secured on the partnering exchange (Binance). Users’ funds will remain in the partnering exchange’s spot wallet and funds will be transferred to a TW wallet once a user creates a portfolio. Fund transfers are not conducted on-chain and they will remain safe in the partnering exchange wallet at all times.

When will profit-sharing be paid out?

Profit-sharing will be issued under the following conditions:
  • When a Lead Trader exits his/her portfolio, all copy-trades will be closed and profit-sharing from each copy-trader of the copy-portfolio will be paid out.
  • When a copy-trader manually exits the copy portfolio, his/her profit sharing will be paid out to the Lead Trader.

How to gain more copy-followers?

To gain a strong following of Copy-Traders, Lead Traders must actively engage and share their trading knowledge with the community. This means to participate and initiate discussions that cover topics such as trading strategies, market analysis, and etc. TraderWagon is not just a copy-trading platform, it is a community of traders and investors who share similar goals and aspirations. As such, actively engaging the community will help you build trust and a strong following within the TW community.