How to Join as a Lead Trader
Step 1: Go to the TraderWagon site ( and click on “Log In”, please click "Register" if you don't have an account. And connect your Binance Account.
How to Bind Binance Account
Step 2: Click on "Be a Lead Trader". Choose a nickname and your preferred avatar, enter your email address and your self-introduction. Click on "Submit".
Step 3: Once your application is reviewed and approved, you can proceed to create your portfolios.
Tips: -Please ensure that you have sufficient funds before creating a portfolio. -For the USDT-M futures portfolio, ensure that you have sufficient USDT, similarly, for the COIN-M futures portfolio, ensure that you have sufficient amounts of the based cryptocurrency available in your spot wallet. -To create a portfolio you also need to make a minimum deposit of USDT 500 or an equivalent amount in crypto assets. Do note that you can manage a maximum of 6 portfolios concurrently, with each portfolio having a maximum of 100 copy-traders. -Confirm the following details (Note: once details are confirmed, no modification will be allowed): 1. Portfolio name 2. Initial investment amount 3. Type of portfolio (USDT-M or COIN-M). 4. Click [Confirm] when all portfolio parameters are filled. 5. Share your trading strategy and performance on social media. This is a way for you to describe how you trade to potential copy-traders.
Step 4: After clicking on confirm, your funds will automatically be transferred from your Binance Spot Wallet to your newly created portfolio. Once the portfolio has been created, proceed by clicking on “Trade” to open Futures positions.
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