How to Trade with TraderWagon App as a Lead Trader

We have upgraded the TraderWagon app! Lead traders can now use the mobile app to login and manage multiple portfolios.
Before starting trading via the app, you are required to:
  • Register for a TraderWagon account and bind your Binance Account
  • Apply to become a lead trader
  • Create a portfolio
  • Download the TraderWagon App

Login to the APP and start trading!

  1. 1.
    If you already become a lead trader and created the portfolios. You can find your portfolios and trade directly in the APP. Click here to switch the portfolio.
  2. 2.
    If you hasn't applied lead trader or created a portfolio, you can click [Copy Trades with one click] to apply lead trader and create portfolio. After the portfolio created, return back to the APP to start trading!